Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creativity Boot Camp: The Workbook...

All the goodness of last year's Boot Camp in an oh-so-pretty e-book! ...AND IT'S FREE!!!


  1. I printed each page on nice cardstock, hole punched them and put them in a pretty binder. I read each page and I started to journal.... I'm stuck on the first one. I brainstormed and felt the inspiration filling me up and then I stopped. What is wrong with me?
    Today, I am going to start again. I think I need to set aside time just for me. I need to have my husband watch the 4 kids so I can have an hour to myself to release the creativity.
    Again, thank you for offering a free book. You are extremely generous to do so. I will be signing up for the May class. Looking forward to it!!!


  2. Oh, I put the Creativity BootCamp button on my blog. It looks so empowering and feminine. WOot WoOt!

  3. Just found you - just in time for a 2011 kick start! it was so inspiring last year when I joined you so I'm back for more - thankyou (mrsyappydog) Betty.