CBC: Spring Training is all about artistic exploration…and through that exploration, getting to know yourself as an artist. It is all about doing the work and flexing the creative muscles in an effort to get to the place where you are producing very authentic work…the work of your soul. Each day of the two week course, there will be a different essay on creativity, an activity to go along with that essay, and some ideas for journaling or further thinking. Also, throughout the course, there will be thoughts and inspiration shared by other artists to really dive into the different mediums.

Upon registration, participants will be given the address and password to a private website set up specifically for the CBC: Spring Training. Participants will go to the website each day for your assignment and inspiration. Participants will have direct access to me through a private email address throughout the duration of the course. Participants will also have the opportunity to join a private Flickr group to share their work and have discussion amongst the other participants. 

When I fully embraced my creative soul four years ago, my world literally opened wide with possibility. It gave me a hope that is large, vast, and unending. Unfortunately, there are many in this world who live without the luxury of hope. Unlike last year, there is a fee for this year's course. There are a number of different reasons for this, but one primary reason is so that I can raise funds and awareness for Show Hope: A Movement to Care for Orphans.

Half of all monies collected from this course will be donated to Show Hope in an effort to spread hope to the children who need it the most.

When: May 15-28
Cost: $49 
Registration opens: April 18th

This is not a photography course. This is not an art course.
This is a YOU course!