I put together some answers to questions I felt many of you would have. If you don't find an answer to your specific question here, please feel free to email me. But please look here first!

I had really wanted to keep the course free this year and I tried very hard to do so. But my vision for this year's course went above and beyond what I was willing to produce for free. I considered the option to have part of the course for free and an an optional paid component, but ultimately, the course would not be the same unless experienced in it's entirety.

In addition, this course offered me an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for Show Hope: A Movement to Care for Orphans. As an adopted child, I am extremely affected by the needs of the parentless children. 

 "Show Hope is a ministry that enables individuals and communities to change the world for orphans by not only addressing a child’s need for food, shelter, care, and spiritual nourishment, but by also addressing the root issue for an orphan: the lack of a family." -Show Hope Website

I received great satisfaction last year from donating my time and efforts to grow the creativity and kinship in this online community. But now it's time for me to donate to those whose needs are so much greater.

 Yes and no. This year's course will once again be geared towards creativity in general and will work to expand and grow your creativity. Like last year, you'll be asked to push yourself in gentle, yet effective ways, to reach new parts of your creative soul.

That being said, this year's course goes deeper. Last year's course spoke most loudly to the newly blossoming creative souls. If you were with us last year, have done last year's course on your own, or have been nurturing your creative spirit for some time now, I think you're ready for deeper more meaningful work. And this course addresses those more mature needs.

Instead of working in just one creative medium, you'll be asked to stretch creatively in new and varied ways. Just as a football player takes ballet to improve performance on the field, these exercises will condition your creativity to improve your performance in whichever medium is special to you.

 If you are ready to answer the deeper callings of your creative soul...if you are tired of following the pack and are ready to begin producing your most authentic work...if you yearn to produce work with full of meaning and brimming with authenticity...then this is a good course for you!

No. We will be working in a variety of mediums, including but not limited to photography. 

This is not a photography course. This is not an art course. This is a YOU course!

 Nope. The exercises are more about develop your creativity than developing your skills in any certain area. Mere completion of the projects is sufficient. I will give enough guidance for beginners, yet the personal challenge will still be there for seasoned artists.

 I believe that the ultimate benefits of the course will come from participating daily. However, I more than understand if your schedule or circumstance does not permit for daily participation. Although I'd love for you to work along with us, you are welcome to work through the course at your own pace. The actually course will only be two weeks in length, but the material will be available to you for two months. 

No. Sharing is not required. The option to do is there via a private Flickr group...but it is not vital to the success of the course.

No. The work you do for this course is for internal growth and development. They are exercises, toning, conditioning...we do not judge pro sports players on their performance of sit ups or their running form ...we watch the effect of those exercises in their overall performance. 

You will need some very basic art supplies for the course...most of which you probably already have on hand {pencil, pen, markers, some paints, etc}. And my guess is that if you don't already have these items, after the course you'll find yourself continuing to use these materials here and there. You'll need just two new items which should only cost about $10 total. A complete supply list will be provided for you upon registration.

 Technically...no. Any beginner will easily be able to complete the exercises. The real level difficulty resides in how much of yourself you're willing to put into the work. The challenge is in the ways that these exercises will change you if you allow them to.

I don't know. It's possible that I will run the course again next year...although it's also possible that my vision for the course will grow and evolve again.  I'm considering offering the course as a pdf later in the summer but it will most likely be the same cost and it will obviously lack the interpersonal component.